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1052 Budapest Piarista (Pesti Barnabás) u. 4 I. emelet

Millenium Shopping Center

Bejárat a Váci u. 19-21. felől

Telefon: 06 (1) 328- 0146, 06 (1) 328-0147

Fax: 06 (1) 338-2271



Admistrative Support at the Deutsche TelekomNyomtatás

We are looking for a student for administrative work for minimum 12 months.

Hours per week – 20-30, hours are flexible – but to have some consistency, they would prefer for the student be at the office at least for 4 hours a day  (between 8-17:00)

The working place is in the Infopark. 

Crucial is knowledge of English – it has to be fluent, the company language is English, all documents are in English.

Important is also to be skilled with basic office tools – excel, word, powerpoint.

Key deliverables:

Administrative support for HR team and TV team 

Travel documents administration

Supporting activities for HR team and TV team

Preparation of reports and presentations

Detailed job description, responsibilities:
assure entering data in the relevant information systems and applications
processing data necessary employee attendance process 
providing supporting activities for HR and TV team
support for keeping the relevant documents and arranging for their archiving in compliance with the applicable legislation
support and helps with employee benefits administration
support for the travel process - processing and settling business travels and
administering reimbursement of travel & accommodation costs in accordance with the applicable legislation
support for the training process – entering shopping carts into One ERP system, goods receipt confirmation
taking minutes of meeting, following up on the tasks list
providing any supportive dministrative tasks and activities 

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Dienes Tibor



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