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Központi irodánk címe:

1133 Budapest, Váci út 76.

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Belvárosi irodánk és Wolt partner irodánk címe:

1052 Budapest, Piarista u. 4.

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Wolt – Courier job for STUDENT ( in any city)Nyomtatás

Jobb Kezek Student Agency as WOLT partner, gives you opportunity to work

You can work in any city in Hungary where Wolt delivery exists.

The payment depends on the amount of delivery, distance, etc...

You can follow your salary through the application, after every kilometers you make and after each delivery.

Which can be from HUF 2,500-3,000 to HUF 5,000/hour depending on how much and when you are working.

If you are interested about it and if you are a full time student just send an e-mail to
and we will send you informations how you can start the job!
Jobb Kezek Student Agency Team


Jobb Kezek – Wolt



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